Suppliers of Ceiling, Pedestal, and Exhaust Fans in Dubai and UAE.

Power Hub Electrical Trading is a prominent supplier of top-quality fans from some of the largest manufacturers globally, delivering unparalleled quality and service to our clients in Dubai and the UAE. Our diverse range of fans caters to various needs, including commercial, industrial, and residential applications.

Among our extensive product offerings are commercial fans designed to provide efficient air circulation in large spaces. For durability and robust performance, industrial fans are ideal for applications requiring high airflow and cooling. Our selection also includes

  • Ceiling fans,
  • Exhaust fans for ventilation needs,
  • Pedestal fans for versatile cooling,
  • Wall-mounted fans for space optimization and
  • Portable fans for on-the-go comfort.

Power Hub Electrical Trading collaborates with renowned brands to ensure our clients receive the best products. We are proud to feature fans from Khind Malaysia, a brand known for innovation and reliability. Additionally, we offer fans from KDK, a global leader in providing cutting-edge ventilation solutions, and USHA recognized for its commitment to quality and performance.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in our choice of brands and the range of fan options we provide. Power Hub Electrical Trading strives to offer quality products and superior service, making us a preferred choice for those seeking efficient and reliable fan solutions in Dubai and the UAE.