Relay voltage stabilizer SUNTEK 1000 VA

Model for connection both individually on the device and for several pieces of equipment. It is widely applicable in case of a strong voltage drop, for powering the gas boiler, or appliances with a capacity of up to 1 kW. Specifications – Rated power 1000 VA. Input voltage range 120-285 V. Accuracy output voltage 8%. Overall dimensions 28x 18x 14 sm. Weight 4 kg.
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This voltage stabilizer is popular among users in many countries. Thousands of gas boilers are protected by SUNTEK 550 VA voltage regulators. Simple and reliable, fireproof and convenient. We received many different epithets for this model. A 3-year warranty confirms our words and gives the user confidence in the reliability of this equipment.

What can we attract? First is the quality. People are tired of poor quality, of not matching parameters, etc. We went the other way. We do not sell at a low price, we sell at the right price. Install such a voltage regulator in your home and you will understand everything.

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